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DSS - Seven pieces for seven instruments ob. DSS Five pieces for oboe, harp and 4 strings 15' - Ed.

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DSS - Capriccio for violoncello and 8 instruments ob. DSS - Concert improvisations for oboe, violin, vlola and violoncello 9' - Ed. DSS Geminiconcertino for violin, horn and 6 instruments ob. DSS - - Leipziger Kammermusik ob. Ebooks

DSS Chamber sonata No 1 ob. DSS Matamorphoses concertants for chamber ensemble fl.

Pogovori oboe s harfo Pezzo in forma di sonatina fl. DSS Engravings fl. DSS Woodwind trio 95 fl.

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Quatuor String quartet 15' - PVH. DSS Trio Labacensis vno. DSS Quatour 14' - Ed. DSS Quatuor 17' - Ed.

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Piano trio No 2 14' - PVH. DSS Rondeau for piano quartet 8'. Metamorphoses for violin and piano Sonata for violin and piano 13' - PVH. DSS Autumn music for violin and piano 9' - Ed.

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  8. DSS - Dialogues entre deux violons 11' - Ed. Alla marcia for violoncello and piano 5' - PVH. Sonata for flute and piano 11' - Ed. DSS 61 - Summer music for flute and piano 7' - Ed.

    You will never want to play a simple D Chord again! :) D Shape Explorer Variations Guitar Lesson

    Sonatina for oboe and piano 11' - Ed. DSS - Winter elegy for oboe and piano 6' - Ed. Sonata for clarinet and piano 13' - Edition Peters - Winter music for clarinet and piano 8' - Ed. Sonata for bassoon and piano 9' - Ed. Guitars are made and repaired by luthiers. There are two primary families of guitars: acoustic and electric. An acoustic guitar has a wooden top and a hollow body. An electric guitar may be a solid-body or hollow body instrument, which is made louder by using a pickup and plugging it into a guitar amplifier and speaker.

    Another type of guitar is the low-pitched bass guitar. Bass guitars are also called "electric basses". See Guitar tunings and List of guitar tunings. The difference between guitar playing styles and guitar techniques below is that a style is a collection of techniques. Main Category: Category:Guitar performance techniques. Guitar manufacturers.

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    See also: Musical technique. See also: Extended technique. Guitars at Wikipedia's sister projects. By type six string. With additional strings.